How To Apply For Dubai Visa From Nigeria In 2019

Icon March 28, 2019
Icon By Kolapo Imam
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Dubai is one of the most sought after travel destinations across the world. Applying for a Dubai visa from Nigeria either for work, tourist, school and lots more.

In this article, I will be sharing the requirements and step by step process to apply for Dubai Visa from Nigeria in 2019.

Unlike other popular cities of the world, application for Dubai visa is straight forward and fast. Dubai is constantly awaiting tourists, businesspersons, students from Nigeria at every time of the year.

Dubai Visa center is opened from Monday to Friday and their office is located in Lagos from 8 am till 3 pm for 5 business days.

Types Of Dubai Visas

  1. 96-Hour Visa:

This type of Visa allows you to stay for a maximum of 96 hours in the UAE. Most preferred for travelers who plan to stay for 4 days or less in the country.

2. 14-Day Visa:

a non-extendable visa that is valid for just 14 days in Dubai from the date of issue.

3. 30-Day Visa:

This non-extendable visa is for a short-term visitor single entry that is valid for just 30-day stay in UAE.

4. 90-Day Visa:

This remains the best choice for travelers who are going on holiday to visit friends and families.

The processing time for Dubai visa ranges between 2 and 8 days dependent upon the type of visa you are applying for.

Required Documents for Dubai Visa

Before you proceed to apply for a Dubai Visa, below are the lists of all documents you should possess to make the application lot easier and hassle-free.

  1. Complete visa application form (to be completed in block letters).
  2. Copies of an ID card.
  3. Valid Nigerian immigration passport (for at least 3-6 months).
  4. Hotel booking proof.
  5. Health insurance document.
  6. Proof of two-way air tickets.
  7. Copy of tax file and business record for independent tourists.
  8. Financial statement from the bank.
  9. A note from your employer, stating that you have been granted leave and that you will be returning to your job when you get back. If you are self-employed, include a copy of your business registration and tax documents.
  10. Invitation from friends, family or relatives with a physical address in Dubai.

Some type of Dubai Visa has its own specific requirements. For example, the tourist visa valid for 30 days only requires you to have the following documents;

  1. Hotel booking proof.
  2. Traveler’s proof of employment.
  3. Visa to not have been issued for a single tourist traveling alone.

Applying for a Dubai Visa is simple and easy to do but it’s much better if done by registered travels and tours companies. It takes less than 8 days to get your Dubai Visa with Grosvenor Travels provided your International passports and other documents are up-to-date.

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