The Afro Nation Festival 2019 – Africa’s Biggest Urban Music Beach Festival

Icon May 28, 2019
Icon By yinkakareem
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Afro Nation – the biggest urban music beach festival in Europe – heads to Africa for another brand new festival. This festival will be taking place in the city of Accra, Ghana, along the beautiful coast lines of Laboma Beach. The festival is already one of the biggest to happen this year, with top acts such as Burna boy, Wizkid, Alkaline, David, Yemi Alade and so many more amazing artistes set to perform. The beautiful Laboma beach is not only a tourist destination and a resort, it is the perfect festival spot with the capacity to hold more than 40,000 people and so a perfect destination for revelers during the Christmas  season. Ghana for those that might not be aware yet, is already a fast rising tourist hub, especially Accra the relatively small yet scintillating capital, where there are many fun and diverse things to see, do and try. With extra ordinary and extra interesting places like, the Jamestown light house, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and so much more places in which you could enjoy life to the fullest. So Afro Nation, is not only giving you the music festival that will be talked about for ages, but also a culture and life style worth exploring and enjoying. The only thing left to ponder is; Why are you not going to be there?

The first reason that comes to mind is, stress, the stress to book a flight, stress of finding the right  accommodation, flight tickets, festival tickets, the stress of visa and  of course the expense. However, Afro Nation in partnership with Grosvenor Travels and Tours have pretty much got you covered, Grosvenor travels and tours limited is a digitally inclined travels and tours solutions provider, founded on technological capabilities, which seeks to give its customers, which is you,  the ultimate travel experience and in this case the ultimate music festival experience. Grosvenor offers services such as; Corporate, business and group travels; Accommodation Reservations (Flight and Hotel), Travel Insurance, Ticketing, Protocol services, Visa Advisory services and much more, with World Class Service, Handpicked Hotels, Accessibility management, 10 Languages available and +120 Premium city tours. Identifying with Grosvenor travels and tours is a win – win situation for customers, for our services are affordable and Royal focused.  Therefore, your accommodation, your flight tickets, vouchers and every minute thing that is going through our head right now, travel wise of course, is already covered by us.  Now what were you saying about stress?

Another reason that comes to mind is, cost, cost of the travel expenses, cost of the accommodation, cost of the festival tickets and so much more. But with Grosvenor in partnership with Cowry Wise a digital savings platform,  you can now literally pay small small towards your holiday. With the festival still in the December, you have more than enough time to start saving towards the ultimate holiday with little to no extra costs involved. Sorry, you were saying something about cost?

All that is left for you to do, is to imagine how much fun you are about to have, the music you are about to enjoy, the culture you are about to experience and the lifestyle you are about to explore.  The Afro Nation Festival  is about to be the best four days of your year, now, the only thing left to ponder is; Are you ready for it?

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