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Icon November 25, 2019
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The best part of every year can easily be the ending of said year, as the year draws to an end; we begin to ponder and consider the possibilities that come with it. We create to-do lists and start making plans on how to properly celebrate and enjoy the festive season. We contemplate our finances, or better yet, the best way of making use of said finances in order to ensure the best holiday possible, We reach out to family and friends and devise ways of seeing them, and spending quality time with them. The year always ends with a bang, and what better way to enter December than to escape the reality of the months before. So get your plans ready, get your finances in order and find that special someone, here are the best destinations to escape to this December.



The splashiest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has awesome food, world-class nightlife, and unparalleled shopping. December is the perfect time of year to go and is the number one spot for any and all shopaholics and those who crave enjoyment and luxury.

The biannual shopping festival, which kicks off on December 26 features huge sales, fashion shows, and raffles around the city. With its labyrinth of 1,200 stores, the Dubai Mall is the Smithsonian of shopping, and it also counts a three-story aquarium with sharks and rays, a genuine dinosaur skeleton, and an Olympic-size ice rink among its attractions.

The December weather is actually warm enough to sit on the beach, but most people who come to Dubai tend to just relax and do a lot of shopping at one of the enormous and modern malls here. The restaurant scene is very interesting as well, and you can eat cheaply if you follow the local workers, or go to one of the hotel restaurants and get world-class cuisine.

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Mauritius is a boon of God. It has lush greenery, wild waterfalls, beautiful mountains and breath-taking beaches that simply tell us that God has been really bounty while creating this marvelous place. This is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in the world.

You will find summers in Mauritius during December and rainfall after that. The weather is pleasant these days having a temperature between 23-25 degrees.

The Mauritius Botanical Garden, located near Port Louis is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mauritius, covering an area of 37 hectares. The island is known for the sandy beaches and beautiful lagoons. It is one of the most beautiful world beaches and hence is worth going at least once.



As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is a sophisticated city to visit at any time of year. Bring a sizeable amount of spending money with you if you fancy dressing from head to toe in the stylish threads this Italian city is famous for, or simply wander the streets and treat yourself to various trinkets on offer at the O Bej! O Bej! festive market. You won’t want to miss a visit to Duomo Cathedral on the run-up to Christmas (the Italian Gothic building is breathtakingly beautiful), and you’ll certainly enjoy eating your way around this magnificent city too, filling up on cheesy panzerotti and melt-in-the-mouth pizza.



One of the oldest cities in Spain, Ibiza has been popularized by Nigerian musical artists and actors who visit the old city and waterfront as backdrops for musical videos and movies. There are many things to be found in Ibiza which interest Nigerians; from luxurious apartments and hotel suites, chauffeured limousines, beautiful Spanish women, exquisite vegetation, white sand beaches, warm sun, and a blue sea, it is the place to be for everyone looking for a December getaway.



The Maldives is a set of islands in South East Asia, right amid the Indian Ocean. It is smooth, sandy and comfortable, finally a great choice of topmost holiday destinations.

Try to go there around the end of December, that is when the raindrops start to go slower and slower and a great sunny view emerges. Vilamendhoo is where you are going to find whale sharks, scuba diving and reefs after reefs.

Maamingili, Hithadhoo, Gan, Guraidhoo, Huraa are some extreme beach places where you will have the heavens thrown at you.




The country which is wealthy in terms of nature and beauty is a place for luxurious shopping malls, expensive hotels, different cuisines, and vibrant history. It is one of the most beautify, convenient and best-chosen countries to be visited while planning a journey.

The month encounters the highest and frequent rainfall. There is great humidity and the days aren’t usually sunny. The daily average temperature is approximately 26 degrees, but it never hinders the frequency of visitors coming to explore the beautiful country of Singapore.

Marina Bay is one of the must-visit places in Singapore that will soothe your eyes. The rejuvenating glance, the sands complex, the spectacular light show has a lot to speak.

Universal Studios of Singapore is an amusement park that has thrilling roller coasters and many more tourist attractions and is one of a kind of amusement park.

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The East African Country is one of the best places to visit when it comes to tropical island fantasies. There are various tourist attractions like beautiful beaches, coral reefs, virgin jungles making this place a happening one.

The temperature in Seychelles is around 24-32 degrees making it the perfect time to visit.

One of the best surfing spots is Anse Intendance. Although swimming is a little difficult because of the wild waves, the place is to be visited surely.

The lush greenery, the beautiful forests, the spectacular views of the place makes this place really special. The beautiful flora and fauna aren’t surely worth missing. A glance is a must.

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Want something more to pick? Go to France, go for excitement. France is stuffed with whimsical fun and beauty. From the city of romance, Paris, to the sunshine of the south and the picturesque Dordogne, France has much to offer a tripper.

Paris is one of the favored destinations for Nigerians, especially those trying to recreate their honeymoons. The city offers a number of attractions from historic sites as the Eiffel tower to the galleries of the Louvre, the cafes and bistros in the corners, cobbled streets, water gardens and parks, the city of love call out to the adventurous heart of  Nigerians and it is no surprise that this is one of the favoured destinations of Nigerians.




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